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happy almost halloween!

happy almost halloween!

ghostbusters: vinz clortho/louis tully

[idea] another way to go as something from this great movie without doing this typical ghostbusters thing.  this is really more of a companion costume to zuul, but if you go all the way & make the wacky helmet the ghostbusters make him wear, i think this one is pretty recognizable.  spend all night looking for the gatekeeper.

[needed] blue button up shirt, orange under shirt, metal strainer, wires, chin strap, black glasses

[credit] that guy from the internet who made that awesome homemade version of the helmet


omg cat costume!

aretha franklin’s inauguration hat

[idea] i was so excited on inauguration day & at the time i thought it was only because of obama. little did i know that i was about to see the most amazing hat EVER MADE. so of course i had to figure out a way how to make this one come to life. there are probably many ways to tackle this costume, but when i gave my roommate this idea she really took the giant bow to heart. last year was good timing for this one & i do have to admit you’d be pretty behind the times if you repeated this one again. but perhaps it will inspire other costumes based on ridiculous fashions.

[needed] grey dress, grey material to make bow, rhinestones, wire, the ability to laugh at yourself

[credit] aretha frankling (love)

costume for your home: ghostbusters ghoul arm chair

[idea] i think this is a super innovative way to decorate your house for halloween. okay, so it might not be a costume for your body, but it’s a costume for your chair! i always see people decorating with ghostbusters bags or props, but i’ve never seen this chair before. although they ruin the chair in the video, i’m confident you can do it without cutting into the fabric.

[needed] chair, ghoul arms/hands, fabric for arms, sticks or poles to elongate arms, brown/black spray paint for the hands, wire, stuffing for arms

[credit] craft magazine: craft podcast

ghostbusters: zuul/dana barrett

[idea] i recently watched ghostbusters again & was trying to think of an original way to go as a character from this classic.  i see a set of ghostbusters every year, but i’ve never seen a zuul. it gives you an excuse to act seductive all night & ask for the keymaster.

[needed] orange dress/fabric, crazy hair, crazy makeup

[credit] sigourney weaver


oh.  my.  gosh.  i will do this one day.  cross my heart.


oh.  my.  gosh.  i will do this one day.  cross my heart.

american gothic

[idea] i’m not sure why i’ve always thought this would be a great halloween costume, but it really would. you don’t see a lot of people going as art, so it’s pretty original & unique. & you get to be imaginative with how you present yourselves. i had always imagined going as the couple, not the painting, but those homemade ones with the frame are pretty awesome. the one of the kids is probably the one i would try to emulate if going that route.

[needed] her: old timey dress, black long sleeved shirt underneath; him: pitchfork, white collared shirt, black blazer, overalls, glasses

[credit] grant wood, the wonderful & imaginative people of the internet

edward scissorhands

[idea] this is another one that’s been rolling around in my head for a really long time. it seems challenging to be accurate, & that’s the only thing that’s kept me from doing it. i really need to get over my fears because this would be a halloween costume of the raddest variety. it’d be hard to drink a beer that night, but it seems worth it. a lot of people would want to take your photo, i guarantee you.

[needed] black shirt/pants, lots of belts, scissorhands (could probably make them with fake knives), white face makeup, scars on face OR add on a white shirt, regular pants & suspenders for an easier version.

[credit] good ol’ tim burton, whoever made that awesome homemade version.

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